Born in Dublin in 1983, raised in Rome I graduated in 2007 with a thesis on the contribution of photography to historical documentation.

I started working as a photographer and filmmaker between New York and Milan.

I participated to group and personal exhibitions, the most recent being “in Posa” at Galleria del Cembalo in Rome and in 2020 “No subtitles needed” in Tokyo. 

As a director, in 2012 I made the documentary “Medè” produced by Feel Film, a window on the complex universe of juvenile deviance in Naples and in 2013 my first short “Halina” which won “Best Narrative Short “at the “Washington DC Independent Film Festival “.

In 2015 I opened Quinta Studio a creative agency that produces and realizes fashion and corporate photos and videos.

I produced and directed also different Art Documentaries, “Paolo Di Paolo” exhibited at MAXXI.

“Diaries of an Artist” about the painter Alberto Di Fabio published by Gagosian.

“Picasso sculptures” narrated by Diana Picasso.

You can contact me through this web site for any request concerning production of videos and photography.